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Hey there! I am Josie – the videographer behind Memory Lane Video and Photo. How glorious is it that I get to call this my job, hey?? I love being able to capture life’s amazing moments on my camera screen and then create a video to document those moments and the feelings behind them.

When I am not shooting video, you’ll find me hanging out with my husband (Shaun) and our three kiddos. The amount of love I have for this crew of mine takes my breath away and makes me feel all sorts of gratefulness. I am one lucky lady.

I love travelling and have been fortunate to explore much of this world with the best travel buddy, Shaun. We have had adventures through most of the Western Europe, Belize, Costa Rica, Mexico and the USA – We even lived in England for a year after we graduated high school. My work has also allowed us to photo/video some weddings in Mexico, as well as a handful of Canadian destinations away from our home… we hope to add more destination weddings to that list soon!

Thanks for stopping by our site. We really do love what we do and do not take our job “lightly”, we pour our heart and souls into each and every project we work on. We would be honored to be considered to capture a piece of your life via video and/or photo.

Hey! My name is Tess – I am the main photographer for Memory Lane Video and Photo. I like to think I have the coolest job in the entire world because how could you possibly be sad at a glorious event that is a wedding day! It is so remarkable to be trusted to document someone’s life long memories and I love creating images that are as unique and wonderful as you are!

My Husband Nevan and I live on a farm with our puppy baby Benjamin the Yorkshire Terroir and a few other animals- you know, the usual farm residents: Cows, Horses, Cats, more Dogs, Pot Belly piggies, Baby Doll Sheep and soon an Alpaca (Nevan says no, but we’ll compromise and get an Alpaca).

I have a love for interior design, clothes and shoes; which means my house is constantly changing and the closet growing. I love me some 90’s Pop music- hello Backstreet Boys and Hansen Brothers! My favorite thing to drink is cold coffee…not iced coffee, cold coffee. Call me nasty, but I’m obsessed!

I may not be the world traveller that Josie and her crew are but from what I have experienced, nothing can beat it! There is nothing like going to unfamiliar places and doing new things! Thinking of a destination wedding? You don’t have to twist my arm, I’ll be there with bells on!




Thanks for getting in touch with us!

Video Inquiries : JosieStorbakken@Gmail.com

Photo Inquiries : Tesslynn.Kroening@gmail.com




Why Book With Us?


We get it. Weddings are expensive, stressful, and downright overwhelming at times. Choosing your videographer/photographer is one of the most important choices you will make. Read below, if you like what you read, get in touch. We will meet, we will talk, and if sparks fly, mark one more thing off of your to-do list baby – you have your A-Team!

So why us?
  • We value real moments. Our main goal is to capture your special day’s events as they naturally unfold. We of course will give small amounts of direction when needed to ensure you have a beautiful end product. The images and videos we present you should reflect who you are as a couple. AKA – if you’re not a “mushy” couple we are not going to ask you to kiss in 20 different locations while we video/photograph you. Your video and photos will tell your unique story– not a made up version of you. PS – this is why engagement sessions are SO important. We want to get to know you before we capture the most important day of your love story.
  • We care. We do this because we love it. We want your wedding day to be the best day ever and we will do whatever we can to help make that happen. We have assembled broken bouquets, troubleshot broken DJ equipment, fixed venue PA issues, ironed shirts, curled hair, and so on. We’ve got your back. This is the day you are pledging your life to one another … we get to capture that?! Yeah, we know how awesome that is and we don’t take it for granted.
Benefits of booking photo and video combined packages?
  • We are a team. We are awesome at doing this wedding thing together. Booking us as your photographer and videographer lets us both transition between photos and videos as the day requires. We have a combined goal. No questions asked, we work best when we get to work together.
  • No compromises. We know where one another typically positions themselves for the best angle, and where they will be headed to next. We know our style. We know our “must get shots”.
  • We have the big guns. Our video cameras record in 4K, meaning we can produce still images from our video files. So what does that mean for you? We’ve got you covered (again!). Between our video cameras and our photographer chances are you will get a photo of that OMG moment. Let’s say Uncle Bob is really excited to see you walking down the aisle and steps in front of the photographer blocking their view of the groom’s reaction. OH NO! Don’t worry (we’ve got your back, remember?), we can grab that photo from one of our Uncle Bob free angles.

Love Notes


“Josie and Tess-Lynn were so great to work with! They were very professional and friendly. We received our highlight video and I honestly couldn’t be happier with it! I am really excited to get our whole day video. We are SO happy we decided to go with a videographer it is definitely worth EVERY penny!! Being able to relive the day that goes by in flash is amazing. If you haven’t budgeted for a videographer I would definitely recommend reconsidering. Thank you both so much for your amazing work and for capturing our special day!”

Ashley and Tyler

“Thank you both so much! There are no words for how grateful I am that you both could share our day and for how amazing you both are.“

Jacqalyn and Randy

“Tess made us feel so comfortable. We were nervous about having our photos taken, yet with you guys it felt like we were just hanging out. The images are stunning. WE LOVE THEM!”

Sophia and Aaron

“Josie, who by the way is the biggest sweetheart ever, did my wedding and I was honestly blown away by the videos! My family and I watch our videos over and over again, and I cry every single time! I was debating having a videographer but it was honestly the best money spent for our day! I highly recommend Memory Lane!”

Ashley and Peter

“We are so thankful we found you!!! Josie and her team are simply amazing, they were at our venue early and captured every special moment… they didn’t miss a thing!!! I can honestly say that for us they made our special day complete – you made our memories come to life and our video is so wonderful, it’s perfect! Thank you!!”

Kaila and Daniel

"We had the best experience with these girls! They went over and above to make our wedding day perfect! We’ve had so many compliments on our photos and video, I can’t stop watching the video and going through the photos! Highly recommend this wicked duo."

Reid and Alex

"This dynamic duo never disappoints! Their spirit and good humour is contagious. Photographs and video from Memory Lane are cherished keepsakes that keep special memories alive forever!"


Video Packages



Wedding video collections start at $2600

Recent wedding films


Corporate advertisement packages start at $750

Sample advertisement video

Farm Films

Contact us for farm package pricing

Capture the energy and hustle and bustle of the farm life. We will spend the day with you and record everything that happens in your busy day. Complete with the drone flying high in the sky - this video will be something you cherish forever.

Recent farm film

Family Films

Family films start at $450

The sweet sound of your little girl laughing, or the high pitch squeal your growing boy makes when he is excited is something you want to remember forever. Let us help. We will spend some time (2-3 hours) with your family doing “family things” (just a typical day) and create a beautiful 3-minute film of the moments that simply go too quickly.

Recent family film


Photo Packages


Wedding Photography

Wedding collections start at $2500

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Engagement Photography

$350 - Or add to a wedding package for $150

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Family Photography

Family portraits begin at $350

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Graduation Photography


Recent graduation photos

Farm & Lifestyle Photography

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Some of our favourite farm photos

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