Why Book With Us

We get it. Wedding are expensive, stressful, and downright overwhelming at times. Choosing your videographer/photographer is one of the most important choices you will make.  Read below, if you like what you read, get in touch. We will meet, we will talk, and if sparks fly, mark one more thing off of your to-do list baby – you have your A-Team!

So why us?

  • We value real moments. Our main goal is to capture your special day’s events as they naturally unfold. We of course will give small amounts of direction when needed to ensure you have a beautiful end product. The images and videos we present you should reflect who you are as a couple. AKA – if you’re not a “mushy” couple we are not going to ask you to kiss in 20 different locations while we video/photograph you. Your video and photos will tell your unique, special, kick-ass story – not a made up version of you. PS – this is why engagement sessions are SO important. We want to get to know you before we capture the most important day of your love story.
  • We care. We do this because we love it. We want your wedding day to be the best day ever and we will do whatever we can to help make that happen. We have assembled broken bouquets, troubleshot broken DJ equipment, fixed venue PA issues, ironed shirts and so on. We’ve got your back. This is the day you are pledging your life to one another … we get to capture that?! Yeah, we know how awesome that is and we don’t take it for granted.

Benefits of booking photo and video combined packages?

  • We are a team. I know that Tess likes to drink her coffee cold (a quality that makes a great mom…hint hint Tess), she knows that a dairy milk bar basically makes all of my troubles go away. We are awesome at doing this wedding thing together. Booking us as both your photographer and videographer lets us both transition between photos and videos as the day requires. We have a combined goal. We know what we need for a killer video, and also what pictures to snap to ensure you have a beautiful wedding album (and facebook picture – let’s be honest).
  • No compromises. We work together. We know where one another typically positions themselves for the best angles. We know our style. We know our “must get shots”. If I am recording a video clip and think it will make a great photo – BAM you have the photo. We will also work with you to understand where and when you would like photos or video to be given precedence.
  • We have the big guns. Our video cameras record in 4K, meaning we can produce still images from our video files. So what does that mean for you? We’ve got you covered (again!). Between our video cameras and our photographer chances are you will get a photo of that OMG moment. Let’s say Uncle Bob is really excited to see you walking down the aisle and steps in front of the photographer blocking their view of the groom’s reaction. OH NO! Don’t worry (we’ve got your back, remember?), we can grab that photo from one of our clear Uncle Bob free angles. PSST – See that picture at the bottom of this page? The emotional groom watching his beautiful sweetheart walking down the aisle?!? That is from a video clip. HOW COULD YOU LIVE WITHOUT A PHOTO OF THAT MOMENT? Book photos and videos with us and you don’t have to.
  • MONEY HONEY. It’s cheaper. We are able to offer CRAZY discounts when you book both video and photos. It’s a win, win.
Still taken from 4K video

Still taken from 4K video