Wedding video collections start at $2000. Photography Collections start at $2000. Combine both to save.

We believe that all couples, engagements, and weddings are unique. We want to ensure that your wedding package is tailored to meet your individual needs. Please get in touch with us to discuss the variety of options available to you to have the wedding of your dreams beautifully captured within your budget.



Engagement films

$450.00 This is a perfect way to tell your story. Answer questions about your engagement, how you met, and what you love about each other. We will spend time doing something you love to do as a couple (cooking, going to coffee, walking in the park, etc). Sessions typically last around 2-3 hours. Final video will be approximately 3 minutes in length.

Add an engagement film to a wedding packages for $350.00


Engagement Photos

$350.00. Let us capture the love between you and your partner. We want you to be able to remember how you felt during this exciting time in your relationship. Sessions typically last around 2 hours. You will receive 40+ high-resolution photos professionally edited.

Combine video and photo engagement sessions for $500.00 total



Family Films

$450.00 The sweet sound of your little girl laughing, or the high pitch squeal your growing boy makes when he is excited is something you want to remember forever. Let us help. We will spend some time (2-3 hours) with your family doing “family things” (just a typical day) and create a beautiful 3-minute film of the moments that simply go too quickly.

Family Photos

$350.00. These session (1-2 hours) can be in your own home or outdoors. We will go on an “adventure” with your family to create honest, genuine, real photos of you interacting. You will receive 25+ high-resolution photos.

Combine family photos and video for $500 total